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A Taste of Zen

Here’s your little taste of Zen, in the form of sample chapters to download in a PDF file. 

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Find Your Weight Loss ZenWEIGHT LOSS ZEN: An Attitude Adjustment Guide for Keto, Paleo & Low Carb Lifestyles is just that–a guide to adjusting your attitude; concrete help in moving from struggle to Zen.

I wrote it during my own journey of losing over 100 pounds while managing online weight loss communities. It encapsulates what I learned from personal experience and as well as listening to the wisdom of the many, many thousands of smart folks I met.

I selected a few chapters from this book to share and hope you find them helpful. You’re welcome to spread ’em around. It’s my hope they reach the hands of folks who they can serve, one way or another.

So thank you for making that happen! 

Download Sample Chapters of the Weight Loss Zen book.
  • Email the download link for safekeeping.