At Low Carb Zen, we are approached pretty much non-stop to promote various products and services. To say we’re “particular” about those we do choose to share with you is an understatement. Here’s a quick guide to the types of promotional content you may find on Low Carb Zen.

Sponsored Content

The “Sponsored” Button, link or statement identifies a conversation created at the request of a brand, with compensation. We will always let you know when content is sponsored. Do realize, however: ALL the commentary, rants and general silliness appearing herein are completely and utterly my own. (No amount of money could shut me up. Believe me, people have tried! )

Review Samples

Review Sample
Some companies provide sample products free or at nominal charge for review. We’ll always let you know when we’ve received a review sample, although the opinions are going to be the same regardless. The goal is to help folks make informed decisions. Reviews for products that have been gifted/discounted will have a “Review Sample” button to identify them, whereas reviews for items purchased at full retail prices will have no button.

Affiliate Linking

Affiliate Links
Affiliate links–where we receive a modest commission on purchases at no extra cost to you–are used whenever possible to support this site, regardless of editorial position on the product itself. Linking does not constitute an endorsement. Endorsement constitutes endorsement! More info on our affiliate linking is available. But the bottom line here? We only recommend products we personally like or would use ourselves.

Your trust means a lot to me! It’s an incredible gift, and I will do everything within my capacity to always deserve it.

Peace Out.