• Zero Cuisine Cauliflower Mash Review

Zero Cuisine Cauliflower Mash Review

UPDATE 04/18: This product does not appear to be available any longer. I’m guessing the issue was the price point, because that’s the only issue I had.

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Running the Low Carb Zen Facebook page, I sometimes get the opportunity to try out new products and report back to y’all.  That’s one of the perks of my job. Obviously, I’m only presenting my personal opinions, but I hope to help you make informed choices.

Dix’s Zero Cuisine Cauliflower Mash Review

Zero Cuisine Cauliflower Mash was a product I really, really wanted to love unconditionally from the start. It’s made with dried cauliflower, some spices and guar gum (a thickening agent). Nothing dicey in the ingredients list, and no nutritional labeling voodoo to diddle the carb counts. I always appreciate companies that are trying to do low carb the right way instead of looking to make a quick buck off of new low carbers and move on.

But if I’m going to love a product, hate it, or anything in between, it’s got to come down to the product itself. So I grabbed a bag and got out my reader glasses to follow the directions on the package. I had the garlic flavor.

Right off, I noticed was that directions were only given for a single serving, whereas the bag makes four servings. I know how to multiply so it wasn’t an insurmountable stumbling block, but it struck me odd. I also noted the water measurement was given in ounces and not cups,  although the mix measurement was given in cups. (Four ounces of water is 1/2 cup, so to make the whole package, you’ll need 2 cups of boiling water).

After I double-checked the ounces to cup ratio to make sure I was doing it right, I boiled the water and carefully added the package contents in according to directions. Once you add the mix, it was like a lot of magic going on in there! It immediately fluffs way up as you stir sort of grows to a mashed potato consistency. This stuff got thick, quick! It didn’t even want to fall right the spoon once it’s mixed.
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It looked perfectly like mashed potatoes. But we don’t buy food products for their looks, do we? So both my husband and I taste tested, first plain, and then with some butter and bacon bits, because hey…butter and bacon bits! Duh.

The verdict? The garlic flavor of the product tasted like garlicky cauliflower. Meh. It wasn’t bad at all, but it wasn’t great and it sure wasn’t going to woo carb-eaters from their beloved mashed potatoes.

I wasn’t ready to give up, though.

Fortunately I had a second package, so the next batch, I made it more like I make my own caulimash. Instead of butter on top, I whipped in couple ounces of softened cream cheese and a couple ounces of melted Havarti cheese (any mild tasting cheese works, such as Brie or Swiss), along with a little extra salt and pepper.

Bingo! The texture was already spot on. With those minor additions, my husband and I were both happy with the taste. It takes literally five or so minutes to make, so the convenience factor is definitely strong. My additional ingredients toned down the cauliflower and garlic flavors, which were mildly distracting the first batch. It tasted a lot like mashed potatoes at that point and covered in some gravy or along with other foods, I think carb-eaters would be willing to suspend their disbelief on the dish, even if not 100% fooled.

Prepared correctly, I think we have a winner here. As long as you’re willing to doctor it up just a touch, it’s really good!

Zero Cuisine Caulimash Review

This is approximately a serving size. I did not use a measuring cup to be all precise or anything.

The price point on higher than I’d like (as of Jan 2015), which I suspected was due the fact the company is small, they are using high quality ingredients and it’s a relatively new product. I mentioned this issue, and the company confirmed my suspicions. They told me they are looking forward to lowering prices as production increases.

All told, it’s a solid choice. If you’d like to give it a spin, you can purchase Zero Cuisine Cauliflower Mash from the the Zero Cuisine website.

Have you tried this? What would you say in YOUR Zero Cuisine Cauliflower Mash Review?

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  1. Jane Forward January 8, 2015 at 10:33 pm - Reply

    I have been low carbing since Sept. 1st and have lost 22lbs. But I am having trouble finding some of the no sugar, low carb ingredients called for in some of your recipes. Do you have any suggestions for ordering online?

    • Dixie Vogel January 8, 2015 at 10:39 pm - Reply

      Most stuff I get at Amazon if I can and the price is competeitive, or Netrition if not. Sometimes you can find the stuff locally, too. Your best bet is a whole foods or naturally oriented grocery store, although I’m seeing more and more of this stuff going mainstream as time goes on. Hope that helps!

      • Jane Forward January 9, 2015 at 9:23 am - Reply

        Thank you so much. I love your recipes!

  2. Elena Gomez January 10, 2015 at 10:19 am - Reply

    Thanks for your review. I have finally learned to make cauli-mash that I like and will eat BUT it’s quite a lot of work to make when it’s just for me. My fiancé and daughter are not having it. (Although my Mom did eat some at Christmas & was pleasantly surprised.) I am thinking this would cut down some of the prep time. Did you just stir in the cream cheese/cheese?

    • Dixie Vogel January 10, 2015 at 5:06 pm - Reply

      It just takes a couple of minutes. You pour in the hot water and bam! It thickens up. Yeah, I just stirred in the softened cream cheese and melted cheese after it got thickened up.

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