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Finding Your Low Carb Groove

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“Once in a blue moon, something extraordinary comes along.”

That’s what I said about TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE–I was not alone in suggesting that if you’re only going to get one low carb book ever? It’s THE ONE: an essential, step-by-step guide to life-changing results.

That’s still true. But if you’re going to get two? Add THE FAKERY to your list.

These two revolutionary books by DJ Foodie compliment one another, presenting a complete picture of how to plan, eat, and bake low carb (deliciously), forging an easy-to-follow ROADMAP TO JUMPSTART DIET SUCCESS. Painlessly. You’ll enjoy every bite!

For the first time ever, these two books are available to everyone, worldwide, as Instant Gratification PDF ebooks in a special offer.

TAKING OUT THE CARBAGEPart low carb how-to, part cookbook, and 100% fun–this is a truly practical reference for eating in the real world. DJ meticulously outlines his research-based “Low Primal” philosophy and shares the secrets that helped him lose 150 pounds. TONS of info in this massive book’s 574 pages: motivational tidbits, extensive how-to guides, humor and more–along with over 225 chef-tested recipes. Beautiful pictures of each recipe and colorful illustrations. This book sold out multiple printings and got rave reviews for good reason.

PDF OnlyTHE FAKERY: New! Grain-free baking is deconstructed in this comprehensive (but still easy-to-understand) reference. DJ examines common ingredients and how they work together, the secret ratios for perfect results every time and how to substitute to make recipes allergy-friendly. 240 pages, featuring over 60 proven recipes to whip up as-is or use as a starting point for your own creativity. Gorgeous photos and colorful illustrations. Written in the same funny, down-to-earth tone people loved from TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE; it’s the perfect follow-up and companion book.

Snag the Combo Deal & Save!

  • 814 total pages of low carb wisdom over 285 real-food recipes in all

  • Perfect starting point for a new low carber or anyone looking to up their grain-free kitchen mojo

  • Shopping lists, meal plans and guides for diet-saving skills like label-reading and bulk cooking

  • Tons of tips and tricks designed to save you time and money

  • Easy baking ratios, visual guide to alternative flours and substitution advice to ensure you get perfectly delicious results every time

  • Gorgeous, full color photos, nutritional grids broken down by ingredient, and both metric and imperial measurements to save conversion headaches

  • Fun to read as well as educational–like having a (delightfully silly) low carb pro at your beck and call to answer all your questions

  • $49.90     27.95

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Total Zen Guarantee

We want you to be 100% DELIGHTED!  Of course, we hope you love the books. But if they don’t suit your needs for any reason, just let us know within 60 days for a no-questions-asked refund. Contact DJ for more information. Ready to get cooking?! Order now!

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Availability: SALE prices extended through July 22, 2018. Instant download PDFs, available worldwide; physical books can be shipped to USA addresses only for the foreseeable future (due shipping costs). Thanks for understanding.

About the Author, DJ Foodie

justsayin DJ Foodie once weighed 352 pounds, describing himself as “depressed, sick and scared.” Enter low carb. That was about five years (and 150 pounds) ago!

But DJ isn’t an ordinary foodie. He’s a chef: a professionally trained foodie! Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, DJ’s worked beside some of the greatest chefs on the West Coast. He’s hosted a food-themed radio show, been Manager of Special Projects at AllRecipes.com, and owned a catering business.

DJ’s unique combination of extensive professional expertise and personal weight loss experience puts him in a singular position to HELP YOU follow in his low carb footsteps–deliciously! That’s precisely what he first did in TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE and now, in THE FAKERY. =>> More from D.J. here.

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