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Doing it Easy: Dix’s Healthy New Years’ Resolutions (& Nuts Giveaway)

Jan 19
Healthy New Years Resolutions

New Years always gets a little crazy, on low carb sites. People show up in droves, resolved to “health it up” for the coming year. Yes, it’s the Healthy New Years’ Parade of Dreams.

I will be frank: sometimes, y’all drive me a little crazy. I love you. But yes, a little crazy…

I used to get very down on resolutions in general–they’re so often unrealistic and border on arbitrary. It’s not the concept of resolutions in and of themselves that bother me. New cycles inspire us to improve ourselves and our lives–anything seems possible. And that’s a helpful thing!

It’s the resolutions themselves, I have issue with.

Because what do people resolve? Exercising two hours a day, every day, or losing 10 pounds a month? Not. Going. To. Happen. Not longer than a few weeks at best, before you burn yourself out at the gym. And “resolving” that your body will lose weight at the pace you set through sheer will?


Over-the-top goals–especially ones you have no control over–are tantamount to setting yourself up to burn out. Change can be really challenging, so I want to see people making resolutions that support their desires and make meaningful change EASIER to achieve.

Consider behavior-based resolutions: behavior, we have control full control over. We can consistently make choices that support our long term goals.

Don’t expect perfection. Expect progress. Little things make a big difference, over time. That’s what I’m aiming for this year.

Dix’s Healthy New Years’ Nudges

I will take more consistent time off work, doing things I enjoy. This is very good for my mental health and overall happiness level. I’m more productive if I am looking forward to some fun time after finishing up my responsibilities.

I’m keeping my water jug filled, every day. And no fussing at myself over how many times I empty it. Having it ready means it’s EASY to drink more water, which is good for me! Not griping at myself about how much I’m drinking exactly keeps my motivation mojo intact. My best efforts to improve are good enough.

And yes, I’m looking to improve my eating. I don’t have to keep the super tight carb count some of y’all do, but I still have to be aware. Because even though I run a very popular low carb community, I’m FAR from perfect. So far in fact, I don’t know I could spy “perfect” in a telescope. Even the Hubble.

But you know what? That’s fine. That’s okay. I am a work in progress. And I’m cool with that. I do a much better job taking care of myself when I stay happy with myself. So I resolve to stay as happy with myself as possible.

My yarn scraps blanket is a little like me: a bit chaotic, a decidedly imperfect work in progress, but (I like to think) still charming nonetheless.  Working on it is like meditation for me. I resolve to spend more time relaxing with my crafts in 2016 and not letting the inner perfectionist rain on my joy.

Well, it’s relaxing when Thor the Warrior Kitten doesn’t go to heroic lengths to save me from the evil Yarn Ball Creatures.

This year, I’m giving myself permission to read more books, more often. Even fiction if I want.

Forget the chips-and-candy-I-didn’t-plan-ahead snack scenario: This year, I’m making it easier on myself by having better snack options on hand. READY to go.

My latest snack love: Orchard Valley Harvest Grab and Go Snack packs–all natural and organic, fruit and nuts picked at their peak, minimally processed and including a huge range of certified-non-GMO choices. Everything I tried was good, but the Cranberry Almond Trail Mix was out of this world…SO FRESH. I was immediately grateful for the portion control built in to the grab-and-go sized bags. (Find a store near you.)

And okay. I have found a number of opportunities to incorporate these lovely little packets of joy in my other resolutions. If they survive Thor’s relentless pursuit.

This year, I’m living my life the best I can, resolving to always forgive myself when I don’t quite hit “‘perfect.” And I’m doing my best to be kind to myself in the process.

Those are some resolutions I am really glad to put into action. I highly recommend this approach.

What are your resolutions for 2016?

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