Find Your Weight Loss Zen

You may know what to do. But so much of the time, it’s struggle. WHY?


This book aims to answer that question but more importantly, coach beyond the pain  (where most give up) to discovering true “Weight Loss Zen.”

This book will NOT tell you what to eat–instead, it tells you how to THINK about eating.

You’ll learn why previous efforts failed, how you may be unconsciously sabotaging yourself but most importantly, exactly how to fix it. Been-there-done-that insights and years of experience working with millions of low carb dieters highlight the most common issues.

  • Getting Started: Setting effective, easily attainable goals and avoiding roadblocks that lead most dieters to give up. Set yourself up for success from the very get-go.
  • Back-Again Track for Yo-Yo Dieters: Find your way right back into the groove painlessly, even joyfully, and remain there once and for all.
  • Off-Plan Eating: Forget guilt. It’s fattening! Learn to effectively manage off-plan eating, including when and how you can stray without mucking up your weight loss mojo. Master temptation easily—and find out why willpower doesn’t work (but what does work in its place).
  • Attitude Adjustments: The real secrets of successful dieters on starting strong, staying focused, dealing with stress and other, living-in-the-real-world hurdles. Trade in your struggle for Zen! With the right attitude, you really can have it all.

Available as a paperback (on Amazon), for the Kindle or better yet, get immediate gratification with an Instant Download eBook.



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Reviews (from Amazon Readers)

I really needed an attitude adjustment just as much as healthy food!

I love Dixie's approach to eating healthy. I love her inspiration and her encouragement. She is beautiful inside and out. I can so relate to her struggles now and then.


Best Low Carb Book I've Purchased

This book is one you will want to keep next to your bed to reread certain parts that speak to you. Dixie shares her information in a "been there, done that" style that is informative and enlightening. Great buy!


Finally! A Book That Tells You What You Need To Know

I have been following Dix around the internet for a number of years now. I always knew she had the key to this low carb puzzle and this book reveals it. I read this book constantly putting her many principles to work immediately. This is not a book about the actual low carb diet, it is about how to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of sticking to it. How to not beat yourself up over and over and feeling like a low life because you can't stick to it. She helps you to examine your feelings of why that happens and how to change your mindset. I like her term "Weight Loss Zen" and how when you hit that spot, you will see the light, so to speak.

So if you have ever struggled with your diet plan, whether it is low-carbs or low-fat or low-calorie, I think this book would help anyone with facing the demons that keep them from sticking to it. I know it has helped me and I am doing much better after reading this book, even though I follow her Low Carb Zen page on Facebook and go to the website. She has a way of writing that is like she is sitting right next to you. I love her easy humor which makes reading the book enjoyable. Thank you Dixie for writing this book that I kept expecting from you.

I highly recommend this book for everyone on the low carb journey.

Find Your Weight Loss Zen

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