Find Your Weight Loss Zen

You may know what to do. But so much of the time, it’s struggle. WHY?

This book aims to answer that question but more importantly, coach beyond the pain  (where most give up) to discovering true “Weight Loss Zen.”

This book will NOT tell you what to eat–it tells you how to THINK about eating.

You’ll learn why previous efforts failed, how you may be unconsciously sabotaging yourself but most importantly, exactly how to fix it.

Getting Started: Setting effective, easily attainable goals and avoiding roadblocks that lead most dieters to give up. Set yourself up for success from the very get-go.Back-Again Track for Yo-Yo Dieters: Find your way right back into the groove painlessly, even joyfully, and remain there once and for all.Off-Plan Eating: Forget guilt. It’s fattening! Learn to effectively manage off-plan eating, including when and how you can stray without mucking up your weight loss mojo. Master temptation easily—and find out why willpower doesn’t work (but what does work in its place).Attitude Adjustments: The real secrets of successful dieters on starting strong, staying focused, dealing with stress and other, living-in-the-real-world hurdles. Trade in your struggle for Zen! With the right attitude, you really can have it all.

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Weight Loss Zen: An Attitude Adjustment Guide for Keto, Paleo & Low Carb Lifestyles


About the Author

Dixie Vogel, founder of the widely popular Low Carb Zen weight loss support community, combines personal insights gleaned while losing over 100 pounds with years of experience supporting millions of dieters, to deliver an eminently practical guide to losing the weight without the struggle. With humor and compassion, she honestly addresses common challenges and offers sustainable solutions to help you make your positive progress permanent.

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No need to struggle losing weight. Adjust your attitude instead. Whether you eat #keto #lowcarb #paleo or whatever, it always begins in the head. #LCZen