I just started and feel TERRIBLE!! What gives?!?!2017-11-11T15:12:56+00:00

I’m sorry! You’re in the throes of what is sometimes nicknamed “Keto Flu” or “Atkins Flu” for the old-schoolers.

It’s very normal for people transitioning from eating very high carb to eating very low carb to feel crummy for a few days. This is a side effect of your body adjusting from burning carbohydrates for fuel to burning fat for fuel and the bigger the change it is for you, the more likely you’ll feel less-than-stellar in the process. You have two main options of dealing with it:

  • Ride it out. It usually works out in 3-4 days, although for some people it make take a little longer. If you choose this option, stick to your plan like glue as deviations will just drag out the misery. Take it easy. Take a good multivitamin, and consider adding some potassium. Drink plenty of water and try some warm broth with salt (as it helps the electrolyte balance) and maybe a little pat of butter. Know it will pass soon.
  • Ease in instead. If you gradually ramp down your carb consumption over the course of about a week, you may be able to bypass this pit stop entirely.

The good news is, once you’ve made the switch to burning fat for energy (aka ketosis), most people report feeling more energy, focus and clarity than they’ve felt in years!

It’s worth the wait so just hang in there! We’re rooting for you.

What is “The Big Book of Bacon?” Is it really all bacon?2017-11-11T13:47:10+00:00

Taking Out the Carbage and ThorThe Big Book of Bacon is the nickname for DJ Foodie’s new book, “Taking out the Carbage.” You’ll hear me mention it a lot because it’s an exceptional book–it’s the all-in-one field guide for low carbing in the real world. And no, it’s not all bacon, although I can definitely see the appeal of that concept. Because, bacon!

It’s got DJ’s personal story, how-to info on pretty much every aspect of low carb, shopping advice, cooking advice, label-reading advice, and funny stories.

I am beyond impressed with this book. I LOVE this book. Like, love-love. I recommend it to EVERYBODY now, newbie low carbers and old timers alike. It’s awesome!

Find out more here.

Are these recipes complicated? I am busy and kitchen-impaired!2017-11-11T12:40:47+00:00

Get the book!Not really.

A couple of the recipes are a little more involved, with extended instructions to teach new cooking techniques. Those lead you step-by-step, with explanations of why you do things a certain way. I really appreciated how informative and accessible the instructional content was, because I felt like I was learning a lot (but it didn’t make me feel stupid in the process).

But most of what you get are normal, everyday recipes. The kind of stuff you’d be making for dinner, with a few, fancier options thrown in.

I am WAY not a chef and I found everything very understandable. It’s definitely a usable cookbook.

Get the book here.

Is the book Keto-Friendly? Because I’m a macro-calculating fool!2017-11-11T12:41:19+00:00

Absolutely, this book is Keto-friendly, although not Keto-specific (with particular ratios of macros). DJ’s recommended carb target is 30 a day, so the vast majority of recipes are under 10 net carbs per serving, some much under. While there’s a stray option here or there that are are a smidge higher carb, the dedicated Keto-er will find lots of options.

The nutritional information is also broken down–not just by recipe, but by ingredient–so it’s extremely convenient for people figuring macros.

Get the book here.

Are the recipes paleo-friendly? ‘Cause I eat like a cave person!2017-11-11T13:46:05+00:00

More or less. DJ’s orientation is “Low Primal,” so natural food is always the star of his work. Some recipes do include dairy. Honey is not recommended as a sweetener (although information about honey and substituting honey in place of other sweeteners is included in the very extensive sweetener write-up).

Get the book here.

Are the recipes gluten free?2017-11-11T12:42:18+00:00

Yes! There are no wheat products in the ingredients and no added gluten. But if you need to be completely gluten-free, please be sure to check your own ingredients because as you know, gluten mysteriously gets added to lots of places we wouldn’t expect. Sneaky gluten!

Get the book here.

Are there pictures of the recipes? Because I hate it when cookbooks don’t have pictures!2017-11-11T13:51:24+00:00

Taking Out the CarbageYep! Full color pictures for every recipe. Some of them are even full page pictures.

Pretty, pretty, pretty pictures! Plenty of pictures. I like pictures. And there are a lot of whimsical illustrations, too. Lots of eye candy for you.

Get the book here.

Is nutritional info included?2017-11-11T13:56:17+00:00

You betcha! Actually, DJ has included full nutritional info broken down by individual ingredient for each recipe. So it’s super easy to figure exact counts based on the products you are using or make allowances for substitutions or changes you make to any recipe. Score!

Get the book here.

How many recipes? What type of recipes?2017-11-11T13:06:45+00:00

There are 226 recipes of all types – breakfasts, appetizers, main dishes, sides, snacks, desserts, etc. Plus there is a ton of information content – how to read labels, figure carbs, choose sweeteners, plan menus, bulk cook, etc.

Get the book here.

Why is it $200 on Amazon?! That’s CRAZY talk!!2017-11-11T13:09:42+00:00

Affiliate Links
That’s not coming from us! The book has been exceptionally popular with several printings selling out. Some third party sellers took note of this and sometimes list the book on Amazon with extreme markups. This is something we have no control over.

But there’s no reason to pay that much for it! Because you can buy the book from Low Carb Zen or just purchase directly from DJ Foodie to get the best price.

Get the book here.

What is the discount code?!2017-11-11T14:36:11+00:00

The “discount code” is just a feature of the shopping cart. You do not need any special code, as the price already includes all available discounts. We’ll always give you the best price available when you are purchasing without having to search for special codes or magic words or whatever. Because we’re thoughtful like that.

Get the book here.

Can I get this book outside the US?!? Because I MUST HAVE IT NOW!!!2017-11-11T13:10:35+00:00

Sort of. You can get the PDF version.

Not yet, on the hardback. We DO love our international folks but there is an issue with shipping costs. This book is extremely heavy–weighing in at almost 6 1/2 pounds–so it cost a small fortune to ship outside the USA. Eventually it will be available worldwide but in the meantime, our international friends can get the PDF version.

Get the book here, selecting the option on the right for “PDF only version.”

Can I get this on my Kindle?2017-11-11T13:10:57+00:00

Yes and no. There is no Kindle-formatted copy, although that may be available eventually. As I understand it, you can read PDFs on the Kindle if you need to. So, sorta!

Get the book here.

The PDF is a big mess! Whaaaa….2017-11-11T13:12:12+00:00

TabletHands2It’s a big PDF file – 576 full-color pages plus the indexes and such – and sometimes a download will go awry, especially on iPads. Give me or DJ Foodie a holler and one of us will get you fixed right up.

Get the book here.

When will I get the book? Huh, huh, huh?!?2017-11-11T13:11:46+00:00

Check the the order page, which will have the most current shipping info. The PDF link is delivered right away so check your email (and make sure it didn’t get stuck in the spam filter).

Get the book here.

How do I get the Freebie?!2017-11-11T13:13:10+00:00
  • kindleunlimitedIf the “Kindle Price” is $0.00, click “Buy now with 1-Click” (or the add to cart button, if you don’t have 1-Click ordering enabled). It will be yours FREE to keep forever and ever–or not, if it sucks.
  • DO NOT CLICK “Read for Free” unless you want or already have Kindle Unlimited.
  • Don’t fuss at us if, by the time you see the post, the Kindle price is now $2.99. We’re seriously not trying to trick you. Curse Zuckerberg instead.
  • Yes, it’s confusing! We do not control Amazon. Curse Bezos instead.
  • Enjoy!
Why didn’t you answer my email? You’re a #$%^$$#!!2017-12-12T10:57:12+00:00

I am not always able to answer every email, although I get to as many as I can.

Please remember: I cannot give medical advice, provide free one-on-one low carb coaching or figure the carbs in your dinner.

This is NOT because I am simply mean or don’t care. There are just many, many thousands of you and one of me! It’s way not personal. It’s a function of the math, you know?

Please put your questions on the Facebook page where more people can help and may benefit from the discussion as well, okay?

Why can’t I post or comment anymore? I call Shenanigans!!?!2017-11-11T13:17:51+00:00

shenanigansWere you getting into tussles in the comments? Spamming up the place? Was your last comment especially cranky or very critical of the free resources we provide? Because if so, there’s a really good chance you were nuked. You can still follow our posts and get all the recipes, but can no longer comment.

Here’s the absolute, God’s-honest truth: It’s not personal, it’s math. Every minute spent arguing or refereeing or moderating or second-guessing myself after getting chewed out on the interwebz is a second not spent on the real mission: finding great, low carb recipes and information to share!

Respectful diversity is delightfully welcomed. With a group this size, people agreeing on much of anything is a physical impossibility. But I’ve got an extremely low saturation point for drama and I’m particular about keeping the space spam-free.

Occasionally, there is a mistake or misunderstanding–I’m WAY human and do screw up–and if you think that’s what happened, contact me directly and we’ll talk it out. It’s helpful if you remember the last comment you made in resolving the situation. And thanks for understanding!

Why was my post deleted?!?2017-12-12T11:13:22+00:00
If a post is spammy, rude, repetitive, off-topic, contains swearing or otherwise detracts attention from our mission, it gets nuked. If a person continues to post content that is the same or highly similar to what has been deleted, they get nuked.

This ain’t a democracy, man. If your posts are getting deleted, you’re definitely in the red zone for getting nuked. Proceed cautiously!

Why didn’t anyone answer my question? Huh, huh, huh?!?2017-11-11T13:20:17+00:00
We get to as many questions as we can, but do favor questions that are easy for us to answer well in the Facebook format or may not be as easy for someone inexperienced to figure out for themselves. If questions are common to lots of folks, we may move them into the main feed for input from the group, to benefit the most people possible.

Bottom line: If it’s something you can answer yourself, by clicking on a recipe link or spending a minute with Professor Google, please do it! We’re really busy and there are a lot of you!

What sharing is not allowed?2017-12-12T11:17:07+00:00
  • Do NOT post advertising or your own affiliate links anywhere on the page.
  • Do NOT suggest people message you to “share information” about whatever it is you are selling.
  • DO NOT talk about those “amazing supplements that helped you lose 10 pounds effortlessly.”

We WILL nuke your hiney! I understand the temptation, but if we were to allow promotional posting, we would be overrun within days.

If you see your questionably self-promotional posts disappearing, there is a good chance you’re running afoul of this guideline and in the red zone for getting nuked. We are extremely particular about this issue! Whatever revenue the page generates rightly goes to the folks doing the work. However, if you are a low carb blogger or provide related professional products or services and would like to pitch a mutually beneficial partnership, contact me.

Can I share my own Low Carb content?2017-12-12T11:19:43+00:00
MAYBE, if the content is freely available, legitimately useful to our membership and you’re not spammy about it.

Allowing the content to remain on the page, or moving it from the wall to the main feed (where it gets more attention) is entirely up to the discretion of the admins, though. Sometimes quality content is not necessarily a good fit for our audience and let’s face it–if y’all are not paying us for pimping your stuff, well, we may opt out of doing so.

Kind of our call, you know?

Can I help? 2017-12-12T11:17:42+00:00

So glad you asked! Read “Easy Ways to Support This Page” here. Interacting, sharing posts, using our shopping links, a kind word every now and again–it’s all very much appreciated. There is also an Amazon Wishlist for Dix for anyone who wants to say a special “Thank you.”

And thank you!

Can we share your awesome posts?2017-12-12T11:17:29+00:00
YES! Please do!!

Our mission is to let people know about good work in the low carb world and sharing helps us tremendously in doing just that. We love sharers, commenters and likers. Go, sharers!

Can I take fiber supplement with meals or add fiber to a recipe to reduce the carb count?2017-12-12T11:21:34+00:00
Don’t I wish!?! Sadly, the answer is “no.”

Fiber is actually a type of carb. But it’s a special kind of carb the body cannot digest, so it doesn’t impact blood sugar. That’s why fiber grams get deducted to calculate “net carbs,” because it adds itself into the carb count and then subtracts itself out of the carb count because it’s some kind of magical, weird, indecisive, sneaky little fiber carb.

Hence, when you’re adding adding fiber to a recipe, it cannot make other ingredients go negative-carb. Good try, though!

Can I low carb with [insert-medical-condition-here]?2017-12-12T11:22:55+00:00
Please ask your doctor directly. We are not doctors, lawyers, therapists or your mother. We cannot give medical advice. At best, members can share personal experiences.

But in the end, how comfortable are you with getting your medical info from strangers on the internet?

Bonus: Guidelines for low carbing while pregnant here.

What can I eat? How many carbs can I have? What should I have for dinner tonight?!?!2017-11-11T14:47:52+00:00

More about CARBAGEOh geez, I don’t know! The answers will vary with individual circumstances and I am not you.

I can tell you what I do. Better yet,  I can point you to people far more knowledgeable than me who write entire books about not only what you can eat but the science behind it. Because these questions are important and I really want to do the topic justice, you know?

If you’re just getting started and need guidance, I wholeheartedly recommend my friend DJ’s book, TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE. It’s the best how-to-low-carb-in-the-real-world book I’ve ever seen in the many years I’ve been doing this gig. That’s my number one suggestion.

I lost my own weight doing Atkins, and A New Atkins for A New You is another solid choice.

But you have to find your own path ultimately. The most I can hope for is to point you in a helpful direction. Consider yourself pointed.

Bonus points: See my tips for starting a low carb diet.

I don’t have a Kindle, so what about me?! Boo, hiss!2017-11-11T13:26:48+00:00

If you don’t have a Kindle–and you should get one, they’re awesome–you can still download the Free Kindle Reader and read on your computer, tablet or phone. You’ve got one of those things, right?

I don’t live in the US!!! Do you hate me or what? 2017-11-11T00:09:06+00:00

Because, really!

Most of the freebies are available in other countries on your local Amazon. I’ve tried to use links that redirect to your local Amazon, but it often doesn’t work. Either use the link and then change the end part (from amazon.com to amazon.whatever-your-local-amazon-ends-with). Or try to search for the title in the Kindle book section of your local Amazon. That will tell you pretty quickly if it’s free for you or not.

If it’s not free locally for you and you cannot download from the US Amazon, there’s not really anything we can do about it. Sorry!

This freebie book STINKS ON ICE! Also, the author evidently thinks “grammar” means “father’s mother.”2017-12-12T11:52:02+00:00
What’s wrong with you, sharing this trash?!?

Yes, the freebies are totally hit and miss, we know! We also know our members love them because they keep thanking us for posting them. It’s just not possible at this point to personally vet every freebie before posting them–or none would be free by the time they got to you. So it’s really up to you to decide if the book is going to work for you or not.

So we keep sharing and optimistically hoping for more hits and less misses. We keep our cups half full. Whether to book is a winner or loser, it’s most helpful if you leave a review on Amazon saying why it is a hit or miss–that gets the word out and helps us know which books to pick or avoid if they come up free again.

And if it’s a loser? Then delete that puppy right off your Kindle and move on with your life. You deserve happiness!

It’s not free anymore and I bought it by mistake. You tricked me into buying it, you sneaky #$%#@$. Agh!!! 2017-12-12T11:55:43+00:00
If I were going to become a con artist, I’d like to think I’d be more ambitious than skimming a few pennies off of a $2.99 download. My soul should be worth at least the price of a cup of coffee!

But seriously…

We have no way of knowing when the free period expires. If you don’t want to keep it, tell Amazon promptly. They are good about refunding accidental purchases. Just be sure to check next time, okay?

It’s not free anymore! Not free! Not free! Not free, not free, not free, liar, liar!!!2017-12-12T11:52:35+00:00
Sorry! These ARE free when we posted but we have no way of knowing when the free period expires. Better luck with the next one! The good news is that they are posted often, so there will be a next one.

Isn’t that so-and-so’s recipe? You recipe-theivin’ ho!2017-11-11T14:10:54+00:00
Probably. Low Carb Zen doesn’t create the vast majority of these recipes. We curate them, meaning we just find the good stuff and share it from the author’s websites with you. It’s called “linking” and it’s all the rage on the interwebz.

Click the link and you’ll find out whose recipe it is pretty quick.

Where can I find the [fill-in-the-blank] recipe I think maybe I once imagined in a dream seeing posted on a page that resembled this one?2017-11-11T14:53:26+00:00
ALL our recipes on Pinterest!

ALL our recipes on Pinterest!

Oy, vey, you know how may recipes we post, right?!  We also have very short-term memory. Side effect of eccentric genius multitasking, seriously.  Your best bet to find something that’s been on our page before is the Pinterest Low Carb Recipes Board.

Bonus Points

Where can I get a recipe for [whatever-I-want-you-to-find]? It’s an emergency!!! I actually need it last week. Thanks in advance.

Pinterest, dude!  Pinterest Low Carb Recipes Board!!

And…What can I have for [insert-face-stuffing-occassion]?

Pinterest, man. You can have a giant helping of Pinterest.  Pinterest Low Carb Recipes Board!

Why do all these baking recipes use bizarre ingredients? I don’t have this stuff!!!2017-12-12T11:29:13+00:00
It’s not a plot to sell you odd ingredients, I promise!

Listen: if you expect a cake to look, smell and taste like “real cake” without the flour and sugar and carbs, you’ve got to turn some slightly more exotic ingredients. You know? We’re multi-talented, but we do not hold dominion over the laws of baking physics.

Truth be told, you’ll find a handful of very commonly used LC staples like Almond Flour, Coconut Flour and Xanthan Gum in many recipes and once you start LC baking, you’ll probably keep them in your freezer. Go slow and add to your ingredient collection a little at a time. Or skip the baked goods. I don’t care. Just don’t fuss at me about it!

You post all sweets!! Where’s the healthy stuff, you Erythritol-pushing freaks!?2017-12-12T11:53:47+00:00

Do you have stock in Swerve or what?!

Here’s the scoop: We post literally HUNDREDS of recipes a month. Some are savory, some are sweet. If you only look in your Facebook feed, you’ll see a higher percentage of sweets than we actually post because so many people like and share them, they get shown more per Facebook’s algorithm.

People love sweets and a lot of people (okay, me) would never have been able to stick to low carb without acceptable sweet options. Considering the way I used to eat, chugging motor oil would have been an improvement. So no sweet-shaming us, okay? If you don’t like the sweets, don’t make them and there is no problem.

If you want see the variety we really post, click the link to our page and look at EVERYTHING instead of relying on what Facebook selects for you. Or check out our Pinterest. Because honestly, there is much more to life than what Facebook shows you.

Isn’t Splenda the Devil? Why do you post recipes with the Devil in it?!?2017-12-12T11:54:08+00:00
Some people have health concerns about Splenda. I avoid bagged Splenda personally because of the bulking agent Maltodextrin, coming in at 24 carbs a cup (hidden thanks the the magic of nutritional information voodoo). Packet Splenda, on the other hand, is about 1/2 carb each.

Some are concerned about the safety of sucralose in general, though. I’m not touching that debate with gloves and a 10-foot pole. You will have to investigate on your own to decide what’s right for you.

However, please understand that MANY LC recipes list Splenda, especially if they were developed a while back, when Splenda was all we had. We’d walk 20 miles each way to get ourselves a couple of packets, in the snow. Uphill. Both ways. And we liked it. Because that’s just how things were in prehistoric times.

If you see a recipe you want to make but don’t want to use Splenda, sub another sweetener. Problem solved!

That’s too high in carbs! What gives?!?!2017-12-12T11:54:22+00:00
We have a diverse group who have widely varying carb targets. Our rule of thumb is that if you could eat it on some phase of an Atkins plan, it’s a go. However, if you find any given recipe not low carb enough for your personal plan, pass it by.

We only have about 3.2 gazillion low carb recipes. Date a rebound recipe and let the healing begin!

WHAT with the calories?! How can you say this high-calorie stuff will help you lose weight?! You’re a bigger fake than Miss Cleo!!2017-11-11T13:31:44+00:00
Miss CleoMost low carbers do not count calories, especially starting out. You can eat more calories on a low carb plan than you can other dieting plans and still lose weight. That’s because bodies are rather sophisticated and a whole lot more goes on than just “calories in, calories out.”

If you feel the need to track calories, we’re not going to try to stop you. Some do–our Keto friends are crazy-obsessive trackers–and we totally respect that.

You can track the number of times the letter “E” appears on the package for all we care. Track whatever you like to your heart’s content! Just leave us out of it.

Why do the recipes you post have so much fat?!? You seem to think bacon is a food group!2017-11-11T13:42:17+00:00
Most low carbers don’t avoid most fats (with the significant exception of transfats). In fact, this way of eating is often called “Low Carb High Fat” or LCHF for short. If you’re eating a high carb diet, then stay away from the fats. Carbs + Fats are not a healthy mix.

Low carbers, however, burn fats for fuel. In fact, we do believe healthy fats are good for you–not to mention extremely filling and tasty!–so we’re not going to stop posting recipes with plenty of delightful and delicious fats.

We know, plenty of folks still worship at the low fat altar even though the research is finally catching up with the reality. But some of us (okay, me!) have tried for years to lose weight on Low Fat and just ended up cranky and miserable, whereas low carb has been life-changing. Simple as that!

Also? We DO consider bacon to be a food group and Pluto is a planet.

Are all these recipes REALLY low carb? Because that ONE…2017-12-12T11:56:07+00:00
Of course, at least by our standards. We totally would not taunt you like that!

But on THAT recipe you posted I saw [high-carb-ingredient]! And/or the link doesn’t work. I am scandalized and disturbed!!

Humans are involved. Mistakes will be made.

Please assume we always mean well (we DO) and if you can point out failings kindly, it’s greatly appreciated. You try doing your job on the internet in front of a kajillion people, man, and you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

Why don’t you promote ONLY 100% natural/organic/grass-fed/free-range/ethically-sourced/non-gmo food, you posers?!?2017-11-11T14:43:10+00:00

This. This is why.

Short version: “Healthy eating” is both subjective and relative. What constitutes healthy eating is an utterly personal decision. Low Carb Zen looks to meet people where they are at and especially to facilitate the transition to low carb for new folks. Not everybody is in a place to practice “ideal eating” (whatever that means), but everyone CAN take steps to improve their eating habits.

That’s what we’re about–helping you to make improvements that you feel good about making. Period.

Although I hear that Yak Milk from Yemen is pretty awesome…

This recipe is NOT healthy because it contains [fill-in-the-blank]!!!2017-12-12T11:54:54+00:00
If you don’t like the ingredients, substitute something else or just walk away. We will not tell you what to eat!

We have a very diverse membership and share a very diverse range of recipes. We look to meet people where they are at on their low carb journey, you know? If our middle-of-the-road approach doesn’t work for you, you may be happier following one of the more specialized, niche pages.

This recipe is disgusting! Yucko! Blech! Nasty!!! I am offended by this recipe’s very existence in the Universe and by the evil you have perpetrated by sharing it!!2017-12-12T11:55:04+00:00
Then don’t make it! Problem solved.

We have over 100,000 a quarter of a million about a kajillion members and have long ago given up trying to please everybody. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean some of the other people won’t.

If you do want to share your less-than-warm-and-fuzzy opinions on a recipe, please be polite about it anyway. Act as if the person who created the recipe may be listening in because, guess what? Many times, that is the case.

Carb counts, please? Because, duh.2017-12-12T11:57:20+00:00
If the recipe doesn’t say, we don’t know! We share other people’s recipes, and a LOT of them.

We could either share a couple recipes a day and figure the carb counts for you, or share the dozen or so we do a day and let you run the numbers if you need to track. We opt for the latter!

P.S. If you need to look up the nutritionals, we often suggest this recipe nutrition calculator or something like FatSecret.