Why can’t I post or comment anymore? I call Shenanigans!!?!

shenanigansWere you getting into tussles in the comments? Spamming up the place? Was your last comment especially cranky or very critical of the free resources we provide? Because if so, there’s a really good chance you were nuked. You can still follow our posts and get all the recipes, but can no longer comment.

Here’s the absolute, God’s-honest truth: It’s not personal, it’s math. Every minute spent arguing or refereeing or moderating or second-guessing myself after getting chewed out on the interwebz is a second not spent on the real mission: finding great, low carb recipes and information to share!

Respectful diversity is delightfully welcomed. With a group this size, people agreeing on much of anything is a physical impossibility. But I’ve got an extremely low saturation point for drama and I’m particular about keeping the space spam-free.

Occasionally, there is a mistake or misunderstanding–I’m WAY human and do screw up–and if you think that’s what happened, contact me directly and we’ll talk it out. It’s helpful if you remember the last comment you made in resolving the situation. And thanks for understanding!

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