Where can I find the [fill-in-the-blank] recipe I think maybe I once imagined in a dream seeing posted on a page that resembled this one?

ALL our recipes on Pinterest!

ALL our recipes on Pinterest!

Oy, vey, you know how may recipes we post, right?!  We also have very short-term memory. Side effect of eccentric genius multitasking, seriously.  Your best bet to find something that’s been on our page before is the Pinterest Low Carb Recipes Board.

Bonus Points

Where can I get a recipe for [whatever-I-want-you-to-find]? It’s an emergency!!! I actually need it last week. Thanks in advance.

Pinterest, dude!  Pinterest Low Carb Recipes Board!!

And…What can I have for [insert-face-stuffing-occassion]?

Pinterest, man. You can have a giant helping of Pinterest.  Pinterest Low Carb Recipes Board!

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