Isn’t Splenda the Devil? Why do you post recipes with the Devil in it?!?

Some people have health concerns about Splenda. I avoid bagged Splenda personally because of the bulking agent Maltodextrin, coming in at 24 carbs a cup (hidden thanks the the magic of nutritional information voodoo). Packet Splenda, on the other hand, is about 1/2 carb each.

Some are concerned about the safety of sucralose in general, though. I’m not touching that debate with gloves and a 10-foot pole. You will have to investigate on your own to decide what’s right for you.

However, please understand that MANY LC recipes list Splenda, especially if they were developed a while back, when Splenda was all we had. We’d walk 20 miles each way to get ourselves a couple of packets, in the snow. Uphill. Both ways. And we liked it. Because that’s just how things were in prehistoric times.

If you see a recipe you want to make but don’t want to use Splenda, sub another sweetener. Problem solved!

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