This freebie book STINKS ON ICE! Also, the author evidently thinks “grammar” means “father’s mother.”

What’s wrong with you, sharing this trash?!?

Yes, the freebies are totally hit and miss, we know! We also know our members love them because they keep thanking us for posting them. It’s just not possible at this point to personally vet every freebie before posting them–or none would be free by the time they got to you. So it’s really up to you to decide if the book is going to work for you or not.

So we keep sharing and optimistically hoping for more hits and less misses. We keep our cups half full. Whether to book is a winner or loser, it’s most helpful if you leave a review on Amazon saying why it is a hit or miss–that gets the word out and helps us know which books to pick or avoid if they come up free again.

And if it’s a loser? Then delete that puppy right off your Kindle and move on with your life. You deserve happiness!

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