You post all sweets!! Where’s the healthy stuff, you Erythritol-pushing freaks!?

Do you have stock in Swerve or what?!

Here’s the scoop: We post literally HUNDREDS of recipes a month. Some are savory, some are sweet. If you only look in your Facebook feed, you’ll see a higher percentage of sweets than we actually post because so many people like and share them, they get shown more per Facebook’s algorithm.

People love sweets and a lot of people (okay, me) would never have been able to stick to low carb without acceptable sweet options. Considering the way I used to eat, chugging motor oil would have been an improvement. So no sweet-shaming us, okay? If you don’t like the sweets, don’t make them and there is no problem.

If you want see the variety we really post, click the link to our page and look at EVERYTHING instead of relying on what Facebook selects for you. Or check out our Pinterest. Because honestly, there is much more to life than what Facebook shows you.

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