What is “The Big Book of Bacon?” Is it really all bacon?

Taking Out the Carbage and ThorThe Big Book of Bacon is the nickname for DJ Foodie’s new book, “Taking out the Carbage.” You’ll hear me mention it a lot because it’s an exceptional book–it’s the all-in-one field guide for low carbing in the real world. And no, it’s not all bacon, although I can definitely see the appeal of that concept. Because, bacon!

It’s got DJ’s personal story, how-to info on pretty much every aspect of low carb, shopping advice, cooking advice, label-reading advice, and funny stories.

I am beyond impressed with this book. I LOVE this book. Like, love-love. I recommend it to EVERYBODY now, newbie low carbers and old timers alike. It’s awesome!

Find out more here.

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