Why do the recipes you post have so much fat?!? You seem to think bacon is a food group!

Most low carbers don’t avoid most fats (with the significant exception of transfats). In fact, this way of eating is often called “Low Carb High Fat” or LCHF for short. If you’re eating a high carb diet, then stay away from the fats. Carbs + Fats are not a healthy mix.

Low carbers, however, burn fats for fuel. In fact, we do believe healthy fats are good for you–not to mention extremely filling and tasty!–so we’re not going to stop posting recipes with plenty of delightful and delicious fats.

We know, plenty of folks still worship at the low fat altar even though the research is finally catching up with the reality. But some of us (okay, me!) have tried for years to lose weight on Low Fat and just ended up cranky and miserable, whereas low carb has been life-changing. Simple as that!

Also? We DO consider bacon to be a food group and Pluto is a planet.

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