Sick of Low Carb Baking Fails?!?

You'll need way more than "just another cookbook" to master grain-free baking. It can take extensive (and expensive) trial-and-error. But you don't have to figure it out alone. THE FAKERY spells it all out: a must-have grain-free baking reference you'll use again and again.  Chef DJ Foodie combines decades of professional expertise with extensive experimentation to save the rest of us the learning curve!

DJ breaks down flawless grain-free baking into simple, practical terms anyone can master in this colorful and engaging baking primer. The book provides simple ratios, clear, step-by-step guidance and tons of pro secrets to getting decadently delicious results every time. With the principles you learn (and dozens of proven recipes as your personal cheat-sheet), you'll be ready to take on any baking challenge and low-carb it right!

If you loved DJ's first book, TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE, you'll be thrilled to know this one is just as educational AND just as much fun. Don't miss the chance to get THE FAKERY at this exclusive sale price!

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  • Step-by-step how-to for utterly mastering grain-free baking, no matter where you’re starting from.
  • Crystal clear visual guide to alternative flours, showcasing the outcome of different ingredients.
  • Reliable substitution advice to adapt recipes to be nut-free, egg-free or dairy-free, as well as sugar-free and gluten-free.
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    Complete nutritional facts for every recipe, broken down by ingredient.
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    Metric and Imperial measurements to save time and headaches converting on the fly.
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    At-a-glance nutritional summaries featuring keto-friendly macro breakdowns.
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    240 gorgeous, full-color pages with over 60 proven recipes–each designed as a shortcut for your own creativity. While the recipes are delicious as-is, they’ve been carefully constructed to serve as a foolproof launching pad for your own kitchen adventures.
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    $29.95   Save up to 25% with these exclusive sale prices (for now)...

Best baking book I have ever owned...

Best baking book I have ever owned, grain or no grain. The picture dictionary, with the different flours and texture you can SEE with the in-depth explanation of everything is the greatest help I have ever had with understanding ingredients, flavor and texture.

Brittany Marrow ,

More than valuable...

I have both of these books... they are more than valuable to me. They both are stained with bacon grease because I keep them in the kitchen, they are never far from me -- just in case I need to consult with the expert. The Fakery is just what I needed to help me get over some of the hunger humps that attack... you know the ones, they sneak up on you and whisper in your ear "I want chocolate cake, I want a muffin, I want something sweet." With this very cool book I can have something like that in minutes! If you don't have these books - GET THEM!

Shelia von Maltitz ,

Psssst. Did you know THE FAKERY is the perfect companion book to DJ's epic (and insanely popular) TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE? Save even more $$$ by getting both books together.

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Save yourself the time and stress of figuring it all out the hard way: Grab your ultimate, real-world guide to healthy low carb living now!

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Rave Reviews

Life Changers!!!

It's a GREAT book. I'm so glad I own this and Taking Out the Carbage. Life changers!!!

Dawn Linde - O'Keefe

Easy to Meal Plan

These books are THE BOMB. Love them both and with all the nutrition info it makes it really easy for me to meal plan.

Tina Kristensen


I just got mine but I am awed. Not only recipes, but why they work. The education part is every bit as good as the recipe ideas. Imagine explaining why it works and the ratio theory.

Susan Lutrario

About the Author

DJ Foodie Books

“D.J. Foodie” once weighed 352 pounds, describing himself as “depressed, sick and scared.” Hello, low carb…That was about five years (and 150 pounds) ago!

But D.J. isn’t an ordinary foodie. He is a professionally trained foodie! As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, D.J. has worked under some of the greatest chefs on the West Coast. He’s hosted a food-themed Internet radio show, served as Manager of Special Projects at, and owned a catering business.

D.J.’s unique combination of personal weight loss experience and extensive professional expertise puts him in a singular position to HELP YOU follow in his low carb footsteps–deliciously! 

That’s precisely what DJ does in this book, as well as his first work, TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE.  =>> More from D.J. here.

DJ's books have a solid history of selling out, so don't wait too longBut whether you get these (phenomenal) books or not, please know this one thing for sure: YOU CAN DO THIS! You are worthy of investing in yourself. So go out there and take good care of YOU, okay? We'll be rooting for you! ♥ 

~Peace Out.

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