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Jul 30

Giddyap Low Carb Coleslaw

| Side Dishes

Being who I am–a “unique” individual, to put it politely–I don’t like my recipes, simple as they may be, to taste just like everybody else’s recipes for the same dish. I mean, c’mon! I’m an old lady with pink hair for goodness sakes! You think conformity is my strong suit? Usually, this doesn’t present a […]

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Jan 24

Magically Easy Slow Cooker Bone Broth

| Drinks

I’ve been reading and reading about all the wonderful benefits of consuming bone broth. Seems like everybody and their brother is making some. The Atkins book, The New Atkins for a New You], suggests broth for avoiding some of the unpleasant side effects of  first transitioning to low carb. The folks I know who have tried […]

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Oct 28

Cheesy Low Carb Creamed Asparagus

| Side Dishes

This Cheesy Low Carb Creamed Asparagus was part of a simple quest to dress up dinner. I do what I can with whatever I’ve already got in the kitchen, even if it is plain, ol’ everyday food, you know? I consider it kind of a challenge. And bonus points if it’s fast and easy, too. Because by the […]

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