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If you’re only going to get ONE low carb book ever, this is IT: the essential, step-by-step reference for changing your life–by eating delicious food!

Part how-to guide, part cookbook, and 100% fun–TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE lays out a unique roadmap for truly achievable healthy eating in the real world. Pro chef DJ Foodie meticulously outlines his research-based “Low Primal” philosophy in simple, easy-to-follow terms, sharing the real-life secrets that helped him lose 150 pounds.

Tens of thousands of these books have been snatched up by hungry low carbers since it debuted, earning rave reviews and selling out multiple printings. Limited quantities available at this price, so don’t miss the chance to get yours now.

Taking Out the Carbage by DJ Foodie

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  • So much more than a “just another cookbook”–it’s your Secret Weapon for Rocking Your Low Carb Lifestyle! 
  • Humongous: 574 pages (almost 6 1/2 pounds!) with TONS of inspiration: motivational tidbits, extensive how-to guides, humor and more–plus over 225 chef-tested, REAL FOOD recipes.
  • Engaging: DJ’s friendly, funny, down-to-earth writing style makes this book both easy to follow and a joy to read.
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    Complete nutritional facts for every recipe, broken down by ingredient.
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    Full two-week meal plan to save you time and energy, plus a secret third week (and advice on how to successfully create your own).
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    Removable shopping lists to make it even easier to stock your kitchen with delicious, diet-friendly food.
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    Bulk cooking and freezer meals step-by-step, helping even the busiest people stay on plan.
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    $49.95     Save up to 25% with these exclusive sale prices (for now)...

Worth Every Penny

I love this book. It has amazing recipes and beautiful pictures. If you can get it, buy it. It is worth every penny. This is a big, heavy book bursting with recipes. This is not some cheap cookbook that was just thrown together. It was a labor of love by DJ, and you will love it too. He talks to the reader: he doesn't preach and talk at them.

Marianne Hassenfeffer ,

Psssst. Did you know DJ has a companion book on grain-free baking, too?! Save even more $$$ by getting TAKING OUT THE CARBAGE and THE FAKERY together.


Life changing!

Life changing! Five friends have now ordered these books because of my enthusiasm for them.

Bernice Cooper ,

Total Zen Guarantee

We want you to be 100% DELIGHTED!  For physical books, please download the PDF version right away to see EXACTLY what you’ve got before the (much heavier) print books ship. If the content doesn’t suit your needs, you can request a refund on the spot. Other refunds may be available–contact DJ for assistance. Ready to get cooking?!

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Save yourself the time and stress of figuring it all out the hard way: Grab your ultimate, real-world guide to healthy low carb living now!

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Rave Reviews

Love mine!!

Love mine!! Great stuff, great advice, great recipes, and DJ is a funny guy.

Traci Fuller

Not just another cookbook!

Not just another cookbook! Wonderful information about keto and LCHF living, all worn with a GREAT sense of humor by a guy who's been there! Love mine!

Jean Eiermann Wilmarth

Best Present Ever

Received this as a birthday present. Best present ever. Changing my life.

Joyce Durand

About the Author

“D.J. Foodie” once weighed 352 pounds, describing himself as “depressed, sick and scared.” Hello, low carb…That was about five years (and 150 pounds) ago!

But D.J. isn’t an ordinary foodie. He is a professionally trained foodie! As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, D.J. has worked under some of the greatest chefs on the West Coast. He’s hosted a food-themed Internet radio show, served as Manager of Special Projects at, and owned a catering business.

D.J.’s unique combination of personal weight loss experience and extensive professional expertise puts him in a singular position to HELP YOU follow in his low carb footsteps–deliciously! 

That’s precisely what DJ does in this book, as well as his latest work, THE FAKERY.  =>> More from D.J. here.

DJ's books have a solid history of selling out, so don't wait too longBut whether you get these (phenomenal) books or not, please know this one thing for sure: YOU CAN DO THIS! You are worthy of investing in yourself. So go out there and take good care of YOU, okay? We'll be rooting for you!

~Peace Out.

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Taking Out the Carbage by @djfoodiedotcom is your secret weapon in the #lowcarb #primal #glutenfree world! Hundreds of pages of how-to, inspiration, and motivation. Over 225 pro-chef-tested recipes. It's not just another cookbook. It can help you transform your life. Deliciously. #LCZen