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Tips, tricks, and tidbits to help you with your LC lifestyle.

Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off

A Low Carb High Fat Diet Video Testimonial by “regular guy” Bob Briggs. He explains what LC has done for him and how it works.

Drinking Alcohol on Low Carb?


A very common question on our Low Carb Facebook page is, “Can I drink […]

Low Carb Menu Plans Protein Power

Protein Power Lifeplan Book

Lots of people are asking for easy low carb menu plans. This is what I found for y’all.

Which Food Logging Program to Use for Low Carb Eating?

diet fitness tracking

Low Carber opinions on what to use for tracking.

Steamer for Making the Best Hard Boiled Eggs

Buy Steamer

Members suggested using a steamer for the best hard boiled eggs.

Can you eat sweets on low carb?


There are arguments to be made either way, but in the end, it’s a personal choice.