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#LowCarb Blueberry Poundcake Mini Doughnuts Deliciousness coming straight to you from 24/7 Low Carb Diner ~Theresa

Recipe: www.247lowcarbdiner.blogspot.com/2013/08/blueberry-poundcake-mini-doughnuts.html

Pin It: www.pinterest.com/pin/46513808627004856/
Mini Donut Maker: www.lowcarbzen.com/product/B003NUV0T4/US/tlcz-20/
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8 hours ago

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Jen Haw HebertHaley Hebert Muirhead1   ·  7 hours ago

Mish Iliana GVIvan CucumberKid Ramirez1   ·  7 hours ago

Kelli Sackville-Baggins2   ·  7 hours ago

Terry Brownyum31 minutes ago

Maria FlynnIs 1 tsp of liquid stevia equivalent to 1/4 cup of sugar??3 hours ago

Tina Smith.7 hours ago

Alyssa RunnerRicky Neal7 hours ago

Crystal ThompsonThese look delicious!7 hours ago

Chris BabbYvonne Babb8 hours ago

JennEliz ThompsonOh myyyyy... I really love your feed, but I can't take the sweets! Too early getting started back up and only 20# to go. Too hard when these gorgeous sweeties come up!!!!7 hours ago

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Now this is the kind of dish I think I could eat almost everyday! #LowCarb Grilled Chicken Bruschetta is not only easy, but delicious! ~Theresa

Recipe: www.skinnytaste.com/2011/05/grilled-chicken-bruschetta.html

Pin It: www.pinterest.com/pin/46513808627004849/
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9 hours ago

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Teresa Michelle TolieI have made this dish it is delish!! @8 hours ago

Karen McCabeKaren McCabe9 hours ago

Shauna M LiveseyCarmen Rachelle9 hours ago

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Beep Beep! #CrockPot alert! #LowCarb Chili-con-Carne! ~Theresa

Recipe: www.lowcarbcrock.com/2013/01/low-carb-chili-crock-pot-or-stove-top.html

Pin It: www.pinterest.com/pin/46513808627004843/
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10 hours ago

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Dina RobinsonMmmmmm3 hours ago

Lisa Crosa TizonJeffrey Furyous Tizon4 hours ago

Samantha May GuregianThis recipe is a staple in my house :)8 hours ago

Mary LewisJoe Lewis10 hours ago

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Oh holy moley!!! Check out this #LowCarb Cheeseburger Bacon Roll!! ~Theresa

Recipe: www.healthylivinghowto.com/1/post/2011/10/how-we-roll.html

Pin It: www.pinterest.com/pin/46513808627004838/
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12 hours ago

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Teresa Jones11 day down going strong deep purple for my sticks and seven lbs down on scale. Yes I know most is water but already feel amazing2   ·  11 hours ago

Khaya BinderRev Batohi when i come to durban plz make this for me... thanks1   ·  3 hours ago

Abby Colleen NettervilleThis looks really yummy and surprising simple :)1   ·  12 hours ago

Nicola PayneYep lol xx1   ·  12 hours ago

Zoe YoungNicola Payne can we make this! 😘1   ·  12 hours ago

Daphne Sanchez TenorioLet me just say this is quite YUMMO!!! I served this with faux baked potatoes. Our family LOVED it!!!1   ·  12 hours ago

Rev BatohiSweet! When? 3 hours ago

Romina FlummiGosh! This is soooooooo cool :-)7 hours ago

Priscilla Blanco-RawlinsJason This is all you! lol9 hours ago

Sharon Craneooh-la-la! Gotta try this!9 hours ago

Javier RosalesDaaaaaaaaammmmmmnnnnnn!10 hours ago

Arlene HittleWent to pin this one … only to see I'd already done it. No wonder. It looks delicious.10 hours ago

Lissa HuisaYummy! !!!10 hours ago

Mike RianoImee11 hours ago

Michael ParkerBecky Parker11 hours ago

Patrick CrossonKat Crosson11 hours ago

Donna WhoDat RandallBecky Ouzts Holbrook12 hours ago

David PiperSusan Eckman Piper Benjiman Elson11 hours ago

The Undiet Weight Loss GuideNow that's gettin' FANCY! Braided bacon? I'll lay my bacon inside the meatloaf pan, pack in the meat and I'm sure it will taste just as good as the fancy version :)2   ·  10 hours ago

Christopher PlathHoly money!!!!!!!!! God bless America! !!!( and bacon)1   ·  11 hours ago

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Michelle asks: How does everyone make your bulletproof coffee? ... See MoreSee Less

13 hours ago

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Rachel HorowitzI have yet to try Bulletproof coffee. It's a step too far, for me. Frankly, I'm too lazy -- that's why I own a Keurig.8   ·  12 hours ago

Edy Ivey GastonOne tablespoon each of Kerrygold, coconut oil, HWC. Add coffee. Whir with the immersion blender until frothy.3   ·  13 hours ago

Jessica RunyonUnless I'm off then strong coffee with Bailey's Irish cream and a good book!2   ·  13 hours ago

Tim ConwayIf it doesn't have grass fed butter, MCT oil, and low mycotoxin coffee, it isn't really Bulletproof® Coffee, it's just fatty coffee. www.bulletproofexec.com/bulletproof-coffee-mistakes-butter-coffee-fatty-coffee-and-more/5   ·  13 hours ago

Tonya n'Michael BostonTechnically speaking, science has proven that all coffee does have tannins in it that will cause an insulin response in people who are severely insulin resistant. I have a terrible case of hyperinsulinemia, and I have insulin responses to even 0 carb sweeteners. I do really well with coffee and hwc (heavy whipping cream) 40% fat. I use a keurig as well, and I also add organic coconut oil. So that is the answer to your question about coffee on low carb diets....technically coffee doesn't have carbs, but highly sensitive (or insensitive) people might have an insulin response from the tannins in coffee.....1   ·  12 hours ago

Crystal Young FletcherWhat is hwc?1   ·  13 hours ago

Tyler ChamberlandI keep it simple. Cup of coffee, 2 teaspoons of butter, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and I use a small frother to mix it.3   ·  13 hours ago

Rosanna TrinkleDo you just drink, one cup of this? I like to have a couple cups of coffee? 4 hours ago

Liz SacapanioBrew your coffee with the Keurig, then add butter, coconut oil, HWC and blend with a whisk! I also like to add SF torani syrups when in the mood. Once everything is blended..enjoy! Not hot enough, nuke if for 20 sec.5 hours ago

Trish MisczukFirst few times I got pretty sick to my stomach, not sure if it was too rich or the coconut oil caused a die off, took awhile though.5 hours ago

Sharon Whitten LapierreI got mine at the Christmas Tree Store but I think Sams Club have them if u have one in the area. Check Walmart too8 hours ago

Odalis MiguelBulletproof is a name (hack )that Dave Ausprey came up with. You can call it keto coffee or whatever you like mix fat and MCT oil (coconut oil) with your organic coffee and you are done. I mix 12 onz coffee with 1 tbs Kerry gold butter, 1 tbs coconut cream or coconut oil and flavor it w extract (hazenul, pumpkin,vanilla) in my nutribullet and I am set until 12 or 1 o'clock. You need to use and do what works for you, be your self.9 hours ago

Vera SansoneFollowing10 hours ago

Todd ShurillaI put my instant coffee (Nescafé) into the cup, fill it halfway with water and add the butter, cover it until melted, then add the rest of the water...not exactly Bulletproof but provides a nice fat/caffeine boost. Sometimes have coffee with heavy whipping cream and a packet of Taster's Choice hazelnut the two months of the year when it's cold in this part of Georgia.10 hours ago

Carol SkanesSame as many...butter, coconut oil, HWC, but sometimes add some good quality cocoa powder to go mocha!11 hours ago

Stacy OlsonCoconut oil, butter, raw egg and sometimes a SF sweetener.11 hours ago

Ray RayssaWith stevia and almond milk. It's perfect, especially that almond taste11 hours ago

Erin ChaulsettI just brew regular coffee in my maker. I'll pour about a cup and a half in my vitamix. My coconut oil is totally melted right now because it has been so hot. I put in a couple of melted tablespoons, a drizzle of HWC, a little dab of kerrygold butter, a cap of vanilla. I turn on the vitamix for about 30 seconds. It's perfect and frothy and fills me up till the afternoon!12 hours ago

Tonya n'Michael BostonHowever, fat is an insulin stabilizer in all people, including insulin resistant peeps, which makes healthy fats your friend!12 hours ago

Susan PoissonGrassfed butter, coconut oil, very little HWC and a little Torani syrup - usually coconut.12 hours ago

Christie Daum WrightFollowing12 hours ago

Nathan DalyDoes drinking coffee in general affect a low carb diet. Based on black coffee.12 hours ago

Jennifer MaxeyWhat is kerrygold butter?12 hours ago

Michele Riner NewtonI had been using extra virgin coconut oil but my husband said that a friend of his says that is wrong13 hours ago

Sharon Whitten LapierreSplash of HWC and sugar free flavor syrup..Was using the reg. creamers like Coffee-mate,and Baileys flavor creamer but someone on here gave me the idea and tried it for the first time tonight and I love it..I had Slender Syrup Skinny vanilla tonight which has 0 calories,0 sugar and 0 carbs.Love it..13 hours ago

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