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#LowCarb Glazed Coconut Cakes! Oh WOW!! I love coconut I think these little beauties are going to make an appearance on my plate this weekend! ~Theresa

Recipe: www.holisticallyengineered.com/2013/03/glazed-coconut-cakes-low-carb.html

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33 minutes ago

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Amanda SpencerOoohhh !21 minutes ago

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Amber asks: I was wondering what is everyone's opinion on kale chips? I read that they have more carbs than peas and carrots.. ... See MoreSee Less

43 minutes ago

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Samantha May GuregianGet some make, olive oil then and then salt, pepper, Parmesan. Bake them to your crispy preference. So yummy. And lower in carbs7   ·  31 minutes ago

Zundra Alessandri MullikinIf they are homemade, how can they have carbs in them. You take the leaves coat them in olive oil, add some himalayan salt and bake them. I'm not sure Where the carbs would come from.4   ·  26 minutes ago

Renee Hendschke KalterI love them homemade4   ·  30 minutes ago

Lynsey Jane CaldwellThey are great but have to make your own the ones you can buy are higher in carbs3   ·  34 minutes ago

Angela FriesenSome of them have fruit flavoring and added sugar. Make them at home with olive oil and a pinch of sea salt.3   ·  34 minutes ago

Annie Bird-DuncansonI make my own and i love them2   ·  30 minutes ago

Tania SmallwoodDon't believe everything you read.2   ·  38 minutes ago

Karen RamosI make my own like Samantha above and sometimes use garlic olive oil, mrs dash or any other spice (even chipotle!)1   ·  24 minutes ago

LaToya ArceneauxI've never had them store bought. They are easy to make and satisfy the need for a salty snack at times.1   ·  28 minutes ago

Sarah JaneThey taste vile1   ·  30 minutes ago

Kelly Ann BarrI've made them. They just melt in your mouth. Like air. Not a big fan. They are good though. I love the seaweed ones from Costco.1   ·  31 minutes ago

MaLisa LoeschkeWhat's ur point? They are awesome and a great alternative to potato chips1   ·  36 minutes ago

Nicky KaspYa ??? Huh 1   ·  42 minutes ago

Virgil BeanWait. Theres chips made from peas and carrots???3   ·  31 minutes ago

Susan Coyle ClingmanIt may have to do with how they are processed. If you make them at home, they are healthier than store bought2   ·  39 minutes ago

Bronwyn VcBought some disgusting ones that were flavoured. Never again.5 minutes ago

Megan HallWater cress is better for you than kale.6 minutes ago

Melissa EastmanUse Swiss Chard if the kale is too bitter for you. I did and they were great6 minutes ago

Maria TarantoThey're ok, but I wouldn't write home about it10 minutes ago

Ruth Narelle WDon't eat it if you have thyroid problems... Do some research14 minutes ago

Sarah BerriniMake your own...they are the best veggie for you. When it comes down to it, they are a green leafy vegetable that is awesome for you and will settle the salty chip craving. When it comes down to that...who's counting the carbs? (I know, everyone here but they are worth it)16 minutes ago

Lisa HodgskinI don't buy packaged ones I make my own26 minutes ago

Trish MisczukThis is the link to a nutritional counter, it can tell you how many carbs are in certain foods, helps to know what they are starting with and how additives change foods. nutritiondata.self.com/27 minutes ago

Colleen DavisI try to like them....28 minutes ago

Maribel Rivera-Elias?41 minutes ago

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Classic by Jonny Bowden - Living Low Carb evidently just got updated with new research info and diet reviews. Cool. Anybody have this one care to share how you like it? Note: This one is NOT a freebie, it's a pay-fer.
* tiny.cc/livinglcbk

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Low Carb EatingI also thought it was cool this one comes in audio and MP3 versions. ~Dix46 minutes ago

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#Kindle #Freebie: On Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil - So you know. In other words, the low carb freebie books today did not enchant me. So if this one it looks interesting to you, here you go! ~Dix
*Get it while it's still free => tiny.cc/bf102214
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Catherine MarcusNot free anymore.1   ·  53 minutes ago

Catherine MarcusThank you. I got it this time.1   ·  31 minutes ago

Lisa PatriceJessica Holland15 minutes ago

Mary-Ann Schneider-LovejoyThanks18 minutes ago

Js Richardson😍 gotcha!26 minutes ago

Jeri BrownI just got it for free.34 minutes ago

Catherine MarcusOk, I'll check again.39 minutes ago

Liz WadsworthJust got it free to48 minutes ago

Simon LillqvistCatherine, it´s still free. at least I got it after I saw your post.49 minutes ago

Jo RhozeThankyou :)20 minutes ago

Kari LangstonAngelina Moran Smith43 minutes ago

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